A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Donations provide the funds that allow the IAAF to help women in need of abortion services who aren’t able to meet the financial obligations on their own. IAAF is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization; donations to the fund are tax deductible.


Online donations can be made securely and easily any time of day.  Donate online right now using Paypal as a convenient transaction mechanism.


The IAAF Endowment is a critical investment fund that helps to sustain recurring organization costs. Donations help us to grow the fund, increasing monthly interest accruals. Consider a donation direct to the fund or include disbursement in the provisions for your estate.

Postal Mail

Mail a check along with your contact information to:
Iowa Abortion Access Fund
P.O. Box 721
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0721


IAAF hosts two primary annual fundraisers: a fall auction and a spring art show. Our fall auction hosts an ever witty auctioneer, great food, and plenty of wine. The spring art show features a fantastic selection of local artists for sale. Each event is an enjoyable evening out with like-minded friends while benefiting an important cause. IAAF also arranges periodic fundraising events throughout the year such as wine tastings or house parties.  Contact us to join our mailing list to make sure you get timely event information.

Amazon Smile

Support IAAF with your online purchases on Amazon!  Simply select “Iowa Abortion Access Fund” as your provider.

Good Search

Use GoodSearch and you can to IAAF each time you search the Internet.